Parker Wallace: pokey, sloth and slimer shred this 2! the return of the shred!

100th video response to this competition!

Wow the Slimer clan really went to town on this one! Cool intro by Pokey... then Slimer woken from his silent slumber... "I like to S H R E D!"

Slimer's second entry to the best contest ever called "truth in shredding- shred this". Thanks Sloth for being my shred homey! Cant give enough thanks to Laurie Monk for his support to guitar players around the world! Thanks to Tom Quayle for his incredible backing track, and anyone else involved in the competition!

shred this competition entry- SLIMER and SLOTH

The warm up to this video was an impromptu secret gig with full light show with Sloth... aka "Yngwie Chubsteen" and Slimer ripping it up under the hot stage lights!

SLIMER jams w/ Uncle SLOTH after 2 weeks of lessons.....

Thanks, Slimer crew Baby Beluga, GPS, and POKEY

Slimer and the Slobs 1st improv concert 7/24/09