COMPETITION: Shred this! subway bandit picks his top 5

With Subway Bandit some how not making it to the top 15 it was with great surprise that Subway Bandit sent me his selection for the top 5 solos for this competition:

Subway says, "Uwe know my top 5 zolos arhe as phollows: "

1 Marty Friedman
2 Zakk Wylde
3 Alex Skolnick (On Souls of Black)
4 DimeBag
5 And Rob Chappers because he stalks me!!! [very strange one... was Rob Chappers holding a gun to his head?]

I think I better break it too him gently... those guys didn't provide a solos for Shred This!

I have to say I was expecting the masked one to say:

1 Subway Bandit
2 Subway Bandit
3 Subway Bandit
4 Subway Bandit
5 Subway Bandit

"Now whaar is my di-mundt?"