Mika Tyyskä: KaKalMas Mr Slowfinger

Mika Tyyskä aka Mr Fastfinger, gets a puncture and becomes Mr Slowfinger... I'll leave the ninja one to explain:

Mika Tyyskä:
Our humble trio KaKalMas on stage at our local Soho bar, Porvoo Finland. Soho Jazz Club 21.3.2010. Guitar - Mika Tyyskä / Keyboards - Kalle Katz / Drums - Thomas Törnroos.

Hope you enjoy this improvisation as much as I do. Must be the company of Kalle and Thomas making me play like this. Hope i'm not disappointing any speed freaks with this calm down melodic playing. Sometimes speed is not everything :-) Ugh!

No worries. I'll get back to the speed licks soon again,

KaKalMas - Depussy's 29th - Mika Tyyskä aka Mr. Fastfinger guitar solo