News: Laney grabs Musikmesse best stand award.

OK we had a review of the Musikmesse stands we saw in 2010, we noted what we liked and what we did not like and we've come up with our top 3 stands for Musikmesse 2010.

OK first what we did not like. No Dean guitars stand? or did we miss it? Too many stands with equipment and no guitar players demoing the products. No seats! Guitar players demo products without musical backing tracks. Large expensive stands, just stacked with guitars but with no musical action, just the occasional signing from named guitar star.

What we liked, stands well run with knowledgeable and helpful staff, great product demonstrators, timings for demonstrators appearances.

OK last year Hughes and Kettner would have been pretty high on our list, and this year they were good too, with Thomas Blug and Geoff Whirehorn pulling in the crowds... but I would have like to have seen more space for the stage area and Mr Fastfinger!

So the winner is Laney... Great stand, great stage, great players, Mattias IA Eklundh, Kiko Lourerio, Christophe Godin, all playing to backing tracks, being highly amusing and showing the product off!

Second place goes to the boss stand, much better location this year, but could still do with being in the guitar hall. Superb product demonstrators in Robert Marchello and Alex Hutchings.

And third place, lets here it for the little guy stand, all the way from France, yes   a 10 hour drive. A great product, great demonstrator and a dedicated team just selling the product with superb music from Kenny Serane.

All in all a great place to go and much bigger than NAMM.