Tom Quayle, Rick Graham: 3 day nu fusion workshop

An opportunity not to be missed, fusion licks by the gazillion, cups of tea... and you come out know more about guitar than you ever thought you would!!

Tom Quayle say
I teach in a purpose fitted, 3 room teaching studio with fantastic facilities in the lovely West Yorkshire village of Saltaire. This summer, in the first week of August, Rick and I will be running a 3 day workshop and masterclass session based from my studio delivering classes in improvisation, technique and theory for the intermediate to advanced guitarist looking to improve their playing and perhaps break into the areas of jazz and fusion.

The sessions will be structured over a 3 day period in group lessons with myself and with Rick covering various topics. With enough advanced notice these can be tailored to specific lesson requests as there will be limited places available on this course.

There are plenty of great places to stay around the area suited to all budgets and if interest is high enough I will try to make a deal with a local hotel or travelodge for the 3 day period.

We're looking for anyone interested to contact us via the forum either by PM, on this thread or our youtube pages. The workshop is open to anyone prepared to travel and stay over for the 3 days and is specifically geared towards players wanting to improve their improvisational abilities and break into or improve their fusion/rock playing.

If we have enough interest we'll run a second workshop in the summer using the same format.

Hope that's of interest to some of you guys. It should be a whole lot of fun!


wow let me know more