Nick Andrew: Andy James shredding competition

Core blimey... I was not expecting this, Nick throws the kitchen sink of cool licks and fusion style tweaking hybrids at the eponymous Andy James shredding uber metal track...

Nick Andrew says:
Thought I'd give this wee competition a go as I like a challenge. I'm not much of a metal player and, if I'm honest, I found it quite tricky. Hats off to Andy for making this style look so easy, my fingers were in tatters after doing a few takes. I composed the obvious melodies, but the rest is off the cuff.
For the anoraks amongst you, I recorded the guitar straight into logic via my Blackstar HT Dual and before you ask, my pickups are Lace Alumitone Deathbuckers. Ideal for Jazz believe it or not!
Cheers to Andy, Owen and James for putting this together. Be interesting to see what Andy plays over the top of this wee tune!

Andy James Guitar Solo Contest Nick Andrew entry