Slimer: busking for Coachella 2010! ALERT Cool video

Slimer says:
My name is Slimer, i am nine and have been playing guitar for 8 months. Me and my family decided to shred and sell lemonade one street before the entrance to the Coachella music and arts festival on Madison & 49th street in Indio, california. A big thanks to Asher for giving me a 20 dollar tip! You rock my friend! We met alot of great people. The event started yesterday so we missed the big crowd but we still had a alot of fun! A big thank you to everyone who donated and got involved, my brother Lil Maynard, my sister Pokey, my Dad, and Sloth for filming us. Thanks for watching =}

Coachella 2010 - 9 year old kid on guitar