Ron Thal, Mike Chlasciak: maximumthreshold interview

#185 MT Show - Metal Mike (Halford) - Bumblefoot (GNR)
Overview: Dan makes a return appearance on the show and we have Metal Mike and Bumblefoot call in to the show along with 3 or 4 contests. Show was pretty funny and played some really powerful new songs. Also announced the first show of the 2010 Maximum Threshold Tour.
Metal Mike : MM called in a talked about numerous topics which included, the new Halford song Mower, his gear, Ozzfest, instructional DVD, Polish Food, losing weight and so much more!
Bumblefoot : Well you know when BBF calls in the doors are wide open and anything goes. Let it be known that this was one of those interviews. We talked about the most recent GNR tour, his gear, Iggy Pop’s riders, fielded call in questions from fans and even a stalker spoke with him on the air.
Music Played : Armored Saint, Halford, Helix, Herman Frank, Herman Rarebell, Stark, and a few more.