Randy Ellefson: new cd details published

Full track listings, cover art, credits, and most importantly, some mp3s of the Serenade of Strings and The Lost Art albums are now available exclusively here at www.randyellefson.com! Serenade of Strings features a rare performance of "Dee" by Randy Rhoads but is otherwise all original music, half written before tendonitis and half after. It also includes the only classical guitar piece I ever wrote, "Fantasia Etude", which I recently finished writing the tablature for and will be posting online here.

The Lost Art is all "cover" songs from the classical guitar repertoire and was recorded just weeks after I finished my classical guitar degree in 1995. Most of the songs were from the recital, but not all. The most unusual piece here is the four movement sonata for guitar and flute that starts the album, as I learned the flute part on guitar this year and recorded it. You're unlikely to hear such a recording anywhere else! more