James Byrd: Interviewed with virtuosityone highlights Roy Marchbank

Outside of your own musical work you run your own guitar company, Byrd Guitars. It seems you have guitars being built for customers all over the world, is the company offering you as much from a personal satisfaction perspective as your musical works?

It’s very satisfying. I’m not some business man hawking guitars that I have made. I’m a craftsman who makes something very very high quality, and each one is uniquely fit to each client like a fine Italian suit. Making albums, making guitars, all the custom fabrication work I’ve done on motorcycles and custom and rare automobiles, they are all satisfying because unlike most “jobs”, I create something tangible, and leave it in the world. I think that’s the essence of the artistic drive, and it’s really similar to the drive others have to have children; you want to leave something of yourself in the world, and you hope it outlives you.

Back to music and are there any new artists, whether it be new to the scene or just new to you that you have drawn some enjoyment from?

Yes. Roy Marchbank, an absolutely astounding guitarist from Scotland. I met him on Facebook and was absolutely blown away. He is so far beyond any other guitarist on planet earth, it’s not even funny. He’s not a metal player. He’s really his own thing, he calls it “Celtic Fusion”, but the musical genius and stunning technique utterly captivated me. Now he’s playing and endorsing my guitar and I’ve been trying to help him make some connections here in the States. People can check him out at Roymarchbank.com

James, thank you for your time and we wish you all the best for the future in all your endeavors.

Thank you Andy, it’s been a pleasure. full interview