News: another hosting web site for your band or solo project

What is BandVista?
BandVista offers a leading web presence to local talent for an affordable price. By using industry leading BandVista tools, musicians can broadcast their sound and image within minutes and for a fraction of the cost and time others invest in similar websites!Hundreds of Layouts and Designs to choose from! Our system is designed to understand your look and feel, which means your website will look like yours and not like everyone else's. Truly build a unique web presence without being an expert developer. Our tools make this usable by anyone.Nothing is as important when it comes to your music on the internet as your MP3 Player. Upload your greatest hits or your newest release, and let fans listen as they browse your site. Upload Video or images using your Photo Gallery.Let others know where you will be performing and when by using your online Calendar, or send out a Newsletter to keep your fans informed. Let fans purchase music and merchandise easily using your Online Store.These are just a few of the BandVista tools. Click here to view a complete list.Enjoy all of the above and more, for as little as $14.95 per month. Need more before you spend your hard-earned cash? No problem, just signup for a 30 Day FREE Trial. To view our plans or to start your free trial, click here.Musicians run the business and built the tools you will use, so we know first-hand how important it is to support fellow musicians. Live support is available by phone during normal business hours and we always respond to email in a timely fashion. Your concerns are ours.