Gary Schutt: "Puppets In Symmetry"

Gary will release his new album, "Puppets In Symmetry", on July 3 worldwide. The CD consists of 13 tracks which are radio-edited versions of songs from his "Excruciating Pleasure" (2003) and "Contingency Plan" (2010) CDs

"Puppets In Symmetry" track listing:

01. Psycho Bitch (radio edit)
02. Self Destruction (radio edit)
03. Someone New (radio edit)
04. Wish You Dead (radio edit)
05. Therapy (radio edit)
06. Crave (radio edit)
07. Lost Soul Mate (radio edit)
08. Mental Ward (radio edit)
09. It's Not Me
10. Bitch with a capital "C" (radio edit)
11. Dog (radio edit)
12. Nowhere Fast (acoustic mix)
13. Die Another Love

Gary Schutt "Puppets In Symmetry" CD ad