Jamie Humphries: Jason Becker Style Performance ries Licklibrary

Jamie Humphries is a huge fan of Jason Becker and here he demos Jason Becker style for Lick Library

http://bit.ly/JamieHumphries_StyleFile_4 Jason Becker style performance with Jamie Humphries! Jamie Humphries shows you how to play this Jason Becker style rhythm & licks within Jamie Humphries Series 4 http://bit.ly/JamieHumphries_StyleFile_4

Jamie Humphries teaches you not only how to play in the style of Jason Becker - but with this lesson learn how Jamie gets the tone and what gear he uses to achieve the sound.

With Style File 4 you also get style lessons on Yngwie Malmsteen & Thin Lizzy!! head to http://bit.ly/JamieHumphries_StyleFile_4


  1. I like a lot of that but there was WAY too much of that one diminished pattern and it kind of killed the buzz I was getting from it otherwise


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