Martin Miller, Jack Thammarat, Feodor Dosumov, Tom Quayle, Andy Wood: JTC Mega Jam

We are blessed with a wealth of guitar playing talent in our ranks and with our first ever 'Mega-Jam' this talent is shown to the max. It all started back at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in March sat around a table with Jack Thammarat, Martin Miller and Tom Quayle. We came up with the idea of doing the first ever Jam Track Central Mega-Jam. The idea was simple...create one jammable backing track and get a load of the JTC artists to improvise over it. Then, cut sections out of each artists performance to create a jam track of pure improvisation and inspiration.
The JTC Mega Jam features the three guys above as well as Andy Wood and Feodor Dosumov. 5 international guitar players with a huge combined amount of talent. Each artist tackles the track in their own impressive way and the idea is that you can draw inspiration from each and every solo.
For this jam track package we decided to do things a little different due to the promo video only showing small sections from each artist's full length versions. For a mere £4.99 you can download all 5 full length videos and solo tracks as well as the jam track to tackle yourself. Please note that there is no TAB included in this download, just incredible performances for you to draw inspiration from.
Once you have created your own version, please send us the link to check out via our Facebook page....we can't wait to see how you tackle this super jammable track!


5 full length video performances by each artist in MP4
5 full length solo tracks by each artist in MP3
'Power Surge' backing track for your own improvisations

Jam Track Central Mega Jam feat. Jack T, Martin Miller, Feodor Dosumov, Tom Quayle and Andy Wood