Fred Brum: Skervesen Swan 8 string

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After a bit of back and forth speccing the instrument, here's my new Skervesen Swan 8!This is quite a solid piece of work, effortless to play and has some stunning woods to boot. Scales are 27.1" on the bass side and 25.5" on the treble side on a rosewood / ebony neck fitted with a birdseye maple fingerboard with ebony fillets. Body is made of ash, and the top is spalted walnut (AKA the boobtop) on a layer of bubinga. Pickups are BKP Aftermaths (10º slanted for multiscales).

Tracks were recorded with both my Laney Ironheart through a Zilla cab mic'd with a SM57 and a Kemper (Bad Cat / Triple 6 models), the "funny thing around the headstock" is a Gruv Gear Fretwrap, and the "looks like you're picking with a pebble" is actually a Hufschmid pick made of Tivar. ;) Links below:

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Hufschmid guitars and picks:

Gruv Gear:

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Fred Brum Skervesen Swan 8 string

Fred Brum - Laney Ironheart 120