Roger Pedersen: More Is More - The New Album!

Roger Pedersen: More Is More
Roger Pedersen is releasing his second solo-album at the end of April 2013. The album is called More Is More and it is released on West Audio Productions.

Roger Pedersen's music is often described as Shredding - a guitar playing style that involve impressive technique and virtuosity.

His new solo album consist of 13 tracks , where 12 of them are advanced instrumental "songs". The last one, "Say my Name", is a more commercial song with vocal of Johannes Stole.

His first solo-album got quite an amount of great reviews from all over the world. He also got featured in primetime on TV2 Norway. NRK TV1 used his music in a program about the 100 year anniversary of the Norwegian air force.

Roger has also lined up a band, ready to tour the new album. Get ready for a dose of craziness!
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If you like extreme, skilful guitar playing and want it in a package with some kind of melodies, this is an album you can try to get in your collection.

More Is More, certainly offers plenty more “popcorn,” and similar to John 5 (yet different), Pedersen’s playing often appears to be on the brink of total disarray … somehow, though, he masterfully keeps it together. More Is More contains Shredding with a touch of Jazz and Fusion … and it’s a listen worth your time

Roger Pedersen: More is More from the CD More is More- out now.