Simon Kinny-Lewis, Anton Davidyants, T J Helmerich: Strat Attack - track previews

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Simon Kinny-Lewis - Strat
Michael Azzopardi - Keyboard ( Bob Mintzer, Marcia Hines )
Christian Howes - Violin ( Robben Ford, Les Paul )
Anton Davidyants - Bass ( Alex Hutchings, Feodor Dosumov, )
Goran Rista - Drums ( Neil Finn, Eddie Gomez )

Mixed by Simon Kinny-Lewis, Simon Cotsworth, Goran Rista
Mastered by Simon Cotsworth ( Incognito, George Benson, Simply Red, Steve Winwood )

All songs written by Simon Kinny-Lewis
All songs © 2015. Simon Kinny-Lewis/ SKL MUSIC
Produced by Simon Kinny-Lewis

Photography by Simon Kinny-Lewis and Wayan Suratni
Artwork by Sebastian Hue
“ Simon's releases never cease to amaze me! This one is my favorite I think... love the writing, and the players. Simon's guitar talents truly shine on this, as he effortlessly navigates through tricky progressions with fire, grace and taste! ”
- T J Helmerich ( Procucer/engineer for Steve Vai, Victor Wooten, Scott Henderson and many more )
Cloud run has got to be my fave tune of the bunch, it's actually a really impressive composition, rooted somewhere between dixie dregs and mahavishnu. The strongest points of your record are, that you have surrounded yourself with great musicians, which is so rare these days, so that definitely makes it stand out from the lot. The mix is really well done too, congrats. Quite exciting to hear you shred it hi gain too! I wish you all the success you deserve with this! "

- Martin Miller ( JTC artist and endorser of Ibanez Guitars )
STRAT ATTACK track previews feat Anton Davidyants, Christian Howes