Chantel McGregor: Donkey Lust Pt2

Filmed by Paul Hawley in the audience at Harpenden Public Halls on 11th Feb 2017.

Donkey lust is an experimental 'progressive' improvised piece, that we have a lot of fun with. It is a different version with a different title at every show.

This particular version was called 'Donkey Lust Pt2', because as I was crossing the road near to the venue last time we played there, a car didn't see me on the crossing and I yelled out 'don't kill us before the show', which Colin the bass player heard as 'Donkey Lust before the show', thus the phenomenon was born!!!!

Just to prove that 'serious music' can be fun, crazy, and experimental and living on the edge with it is what makes it. Yup, it's widdly, discordant, weird in places, sometimes uncomfortable, slightly pretentious, but what the hell, we enjoy it!!!

Chantel McGregor - Guitar
Colin Sutton - Bass
Ollie Goss - Drums

Chantel McGregor: Donkey Lust Pt2