Aaron Marshall: INTERVALS | Touch and Go - Play Through + tour dates

Play through of track 1 from the new album THE WAY FORWARD

PHYSICAL pre orders available now at:

USA | http://bit.ly/2169RRI
CANADA | http://bit.ly/2ywUL46
EU/UK | http://bit.ly/2xaYQqQ
AUSTRALIA | http://bit.ly/2znVX6P

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This starts on Tuesday and its going to be the best. UK up first for 6 shows starting in London. Don't sleep on tickets, most of these shows are on the verge. Come out and hear lots of the new record + all the bangers from In Time and The Shape of Colour 🎉| GA & Masterclass tickets (featuring Nick) available at www.intervalsmusic.net/tour 🚀

INTERVALS | Touch and Go - Play Through | NEW ALBUM 12/01/17

Intervals - A Different Light (Live)