Jay Matharu: These Clouds Are So Undisciplined, featuring Nili Brosh

My name is Jay and since I was a teenager I've been obsessed with music and have had an on/off relationship with the guitar. I've played in many bands/ projects in a variety of different styles, gigging all over the UK and Europe. I have so many influences and an eclectic taste in music, when writing music I never have one specific style in mind, I just let the music come out.
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1.Ascent 07:02
2.Kaleidoscope (feat. Andreas Bollden) 07:01
3.Illumination (feat. Ponch Satrio) 05:44
4.Breathe In, Breathe Out (feat. Nili Brosh) 06:53
5.A Mother's Love (feat. Oscar Hansson) 06:13
6.I Regress 05:40
7.The Battle Within (feat. Emil Ingmar) 09:00

These Clouds Are So Undisciplined! is the debut album from London born guitarist Jay Matharu.

The album started as a self-funded project with no intention of release, but with the addition of such great guest artists such as Nili Brosh and Ponch Satrio, Jay decided to put the music out there. The music can be best described as instrumental rock with a twist.
released October 10, 2017

Andreas Boliden - Digital Trumpet solo on "Kaleidoscope" (03:11)
Ponch Satrio - Guitar solo on "Illumination" (04:24)
Nili Brosh - Guitar solo on "Breath In, Breathe Out" (05:18)
Oscar Hansson - Bass guitar on "A Mother's Love"
Emil Ingmar - Piano on "The Battle Within"
Kaffe Myers - Drums on all tracks
Max Nyström - Audio editing, Mixing & Mastering
Jay Matharu - Everything else

A special thanks to:

Carro, Bellatrix, Gina, Bobby, Serena, Sukhi, the Simon Family, Dave & family, Lloyd, Zoli, Ed, Ricky, Andras, Sanjay, Adam, the "Theory boys" inc. Simon Sarge, and everyone else that has had an influence on this album.

An extra special thanks to Marko, who came up with the phrase used to name the album.