Vinnie Moore: 2015-02-09 Springfield - full show

Vinnie appeared at this show as part of Uli Jon Roth's Extreme Guitar Tour. Even though the tour continued on for a few more weeks, this was the last show of the tour for Vinnie. Several other band members who performed this night (especially the young guys from the opening band Old James) were having fun with Vinnie on his final night of the tour. They took his setlist and used a magic marker to pen in several changes as seen below. When Vinnie came out on stage and first saw the setlist, he was like WTF?? But then looked over at the guys in Old James and everyone started laughing. As Vinnie was finishing his final song, Brian Stephenson (lead singer from Old James) snuck up behind Vinnie and stuck his head between Vinnie's legs - surprising the shit out of Vinnie - and hoisted Vinnie up onto his shoulders. So Vinnie finished the song on Brian's shoulders with several of the other guys from the tour coming out on stage to circle around Vinnie and cheer him on. Brian was wearing a Buckethead-esque mask that had "Weenie Moore" written on his bare chest in big black letters. It was pretty hilarious, to say the least. I get the feeling there was a lot of joking and pranking going on during the tour.

Vinnie's original setlist --- and revised setlist:

1. Check It Out! --- Check Out My Penis
2. Daydream --- Gaydream About Dudes
3. The Maze --- Anal Maze
4. Rain --- Raining Cum
5. Hero Without Honor --- Gay Porn Hero Loads
6. Midnight Rain --- Midnight Gay
7. Riding High --- Riding Dudes
8. Meltdown --- Ass Wasting Meltdown Of Cum And Fear

Vinnie Moore 2015-02-09 Springfield - full show