Ron Thal: Bumblefoot Live in Newcastle - filmed in 4K!

Filmed in 4K, with professionally mixed sound, this performance was filmed November 3rd 2016 at Trillians Rock bar, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Line up:
Ron Thal - Bumblefoot - Guitar, lead vocals.
Micky Crystal - Guitar
Kyle Hughes - Drums
Edward Bell - Bass


01:12 - Little Brother is watching
06:25 - Abnormal
09:18 - So glad to be here
12:54 - Objectify
17:36 - Guitars SUCK
20:42 - Real
23:00 - Turn Around
27:48 - Ray gun
31:45 - Argentina
39:36 - Higher
46:40 - Dash
52:00 - The Pink Panther theme
56:00 - Don't know who to pray to anymore (Epic solo!)
1:12:00 - I can't play the blues

Some background: This video was recorded in November for Ron with his blessing, but due to a last minute change up with their bassist, this bass player learned the music very fast. There are a few points he played in the wrong key and a few moments where the band weren't playing "at 100% peak perfection" and Ron was unsure to release it without modifying the original audio. But we argue that this is what a live gig should be. Any issues or problems are part of what reminds us these are human beings at the top of their craft but real and in front of you and not plastic on an album. Ron is a true professional and perfectionist. He wants every performance to be as good and better than his last and even the slightest imperfection is cause for concern to him. So it would be remiss of us if we did not mention there were minor inconsistencies in the performance. Though VERY minor. - Henry Thompson.