Dave Dunsire, Adam Rafowitz, James Norbert Ivanyi, Nili Brosh, Kilian Duarte: Djontagon - DJANKT Killer progressive metal

Welcome to The Djontagon. We bring both top tier and up and coming players together to bring you the best solo collaborations. Visit our bandcamp in the link below and download this high quality backing track FOR FREE. You can also support the creation of these video's by buying this song with solo's included on that same page and following this page for more collaborations. Make sure to check out the personal pages of all our players today!

This is our premier track for The Djontagon! We take some of the best players bother well known and upcoming and collaborate together to bring the best guitar solo collaborations in progressive and modern styles of music. Every dollar made from the sales of this track is split with all of the musicians who participate so this is a great way to support the artists and for us to make new videos. Make sure to subscribe to our youtube account and support the artists who made this video possible!
released April 16, 2018
Co-Written by Dave Dunsire, Killian Duarte, Adam Rafowitz, James Norbert Ivanyi, Nili Brosh, Tony Simone.

Mixed and Mastered by Tony Simone of Zenbeast Audio


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