Jay Matharu, Dylan Reavey, Keven Eknes, Alon Tamir: 10 players for the inaugural international Strandberg only guitar collaboration

This is the first international Strandberg only guitar collaboration.
Thank you to all the artist who took part in this project !! These Instruments are exquisite and i hope you enjoy this little track LARRY LARGEN

  1. Larry Largen
  2. Dino Mangafic
  3. Jay Matharu
  4. Simon MÃ¥rtensson
  5. Xavier Pompon
  6. Alon Tamir
  7. Daniel Steck
  8. Dylan Reavey
  9. Matt Richard
  10. Keven Eknes
Full details https://youtu.be/Ttn9wN5UuUQ

First International Strandberg Guitars Collaboration