Keven Eknes: BIAS FX 2 Demo | Download my tone for free!

Keven Eknes
Published on 29 Mar 2019
Test drive of the new Bias FX 2 by Positive Grid. Every track is using the VST Plug-in with factory presets, and the main solo sound is available for you to download now!
Hope you enjoy this little clip, demonstrating the awesome dynamic range of the software, using the tone in a soloed setting as well as in a full band mix. From the musicians perspective, the response from the amps also feels really really good to play with, very much like a high end modeler unit.
More Info:

"Keven Eknes Plexigoodness" preset can be found on the tone cloud for free. Aside from the tone I created, I also used:
"A Strat in London", "Machine Gun", "Angry Goddess", "Love Life" (Bass).

Could the flexibility and upgraded sound quality of this plug-in give you a "studio" to track in anywhere while traveling?

BIAS FX 2 Demo | Download my tone for free!