Waqas Ahmed: Deconstruct To Reconstruct Instrumental

Waqas Ahmed - "As i mentioned before, Deconstruct to reconstruct was written with a theme in mind and it is the first time in my life that i wrote music based on a concept. I came up with the idea of imagining an all powerful being capable of reinventing reality and existence as we know it. That entity however, Is disappointed with the current state of affairs and Therefore decides to Deconstruct the present to reconstruct a better future only to realize in the end that no matter how times you roll the dice or start over, There will always come a time when you will be standing at the same crossroad. Nothing truly changes and despite its incredible power and foresight, Even the all powerful being is not able to control certain outcomes. So basically, The idea was to capture as many emotions related to this process as possible. Anger, Confusion, Hope, Disappointment and finally the ability to truly be indifferent to certain things. Indifferent because there just won't be a different outcome no matter how many times we press the reset button."

Composition/arrangement/Guitars: Waqas Ahmed
Produced by: Waqas Ahmed and Hassan Omer
Recorded/ Mixed/ Mastered by: Hassan Omer
Video Shoot - Edit - Hassan Omer
Special thanks to: Irtiza Shafaat and Hussam Raza

Music Producer - Hassan Omer
Sound Cloud - https://soundcloud.com/hod81

Deconstruct To Reconstruct Instrumental By Waqas Ahmed