Thomas McLaughlin: Mc Rocklin Spec Osiris Live with Jeff Kiesel

Call 858 GUITARS, or (001) 858 484-8277 if you're calling international.
A limited number of these killer Osiris’s are available right now, as in IN STOCK ready to ship!!
Jeff mentions in the live stream that these would actually be around $2900 if you were to spec this build the normal way.
Grab one now for $2000 and skip the 12 week wait time :D :D :D

Kiesel Osiris 6 with Trem
Roasted 5A Flame Neck and Board
Stainless Jumbo Frets
Thin Neck Profile
20” Fretboard Radius
Luminlay Side Dots
Dual Carbon Fiber Rods in Neck
Swamp Ash Body
Antique Ash RawTone Finish
Loaded with Tosin Abasi Fishman Pickups with special 5-way switch/wiring
Call 858 GUITARS from the US, (001) 858 484-8277 International.
Or you can email Kiesel to reserve one.
Good luck!


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McRocklin Spec Osiris LIVE with JEFF KIESEL