David Gilmour: The David Gilmour Podcast - The White Strat (Episode 3)

The White Strat (Episode 3 of 3). This episode details the history of the famous 0001 serial number Fender Stratocaster ‘It is as good a Strat as I have ever played, it's beautiful. How do you improve on perfection?’. He also demonstrates how it was the rhythm guitar on ‘Another Brick In A Wall Part 2’ and remarks on the current status of Pink Floyd.

Ahead of the #GilmourGuitars charity auction with Christie's in NYC on June 20, David is releasing three podcasts featuring conversations with Matt Everitt about the guitars. Subscribe to the podcast now at http://smarturl.it/davidgilmourpodcast

This June, more than 120 of David's guitars will be auctioned by Christie's in New York, in aid of charitable causes. Find out more at http://www.christies.com/davidgilmour.

On view in New York on 14-19 June. Auction at Christie's New York on
20 June 2019

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The David Gilmour Podcast - The White Strat (Episode 3)