Keven Eknes: Neural DSP - Archetype: Plini Demo

Finally got to check out the new plug-in by Neural DSP and Plini. It’s been hyped up since release- and for VERY good reasons. I actually can’t believe how insanely responsive this plug-in is, which in the past have been my biggest concern for digital amp plug-ins.
Wrote this little diddle after being inspired by the sounds, and did a improvisation over it. My main lead tone is pictured in the video so you can copy it, the heavy riff guitars are the "Selenium Forest - Riff" and for the cleans I used "Sunhead - Dream Clean". All effects etc from the plug-in.
Originally did the piece only, but I could not leave out the dynamic range of the plug-in, so I later on recorded an intro leading into the musical madness mode that was used in the piece.
All that being said, my mind is literally blown, and I really believe this plug-in is a huge game changer for guitarists when it comes to recording.
More info:

Have you checked it out yet? What are your thoughts?

Neural DSP - Archetype: Plini Demo