Neal Schon: Prince Hometown Tribute - Purple Rain St. Paul Minnesota

#NealSchon - Tribute to "#PRINCE" #PurpleRain St. Paul Minnesota 2016

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Honoring and Remembering PRINCE ön his Birthday with my guitar soaring high to heaven and carrying his spirit and music on . His music lives forever..Download this the 1st track PURPLE RAIN from UNIVERSE as my gift to all of You. "Prince, pancakes and Journey guitar riffs at 4 am.... late eighties and I am sitting with Prince on the floor in his apartment at Paisley Park. We’ve listened to Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel and I notice a worn Journey Escape record in his collection. Surprised I turned to him and said “Never took you for a Journey fan”. He gave me that doe eyed look that always made me uncomfortable and said: “Neal Schon is one of my favorite guitarists on the planet, he is a genius.” I thought it only fitting that Neal would return the respect by playing a fiery, inspired version of “Purple Rain”. Having worked for Prince for the last few years of his life Neal’s beautiful interpretation makes the loss of the colossal talent of “P” a little less sad. They are each prodigy’s that have woven themselves into the fabric of our lives and our lives are richer as a result" Rick Barron Free Download Now! h #NealSchon #Prince #Purple Rain