Mika Tyyskä: Ginger Fox - Full playthrough

Enjoy the close up camera angle with Ginger Fox playthrough. This is part of
the new home video: "GINGER FOX" and "FRIENDLY BEASTS" https://sellfy.com/mikafastfinger/p/ginger-fox-and-friendly-beasts/ includes: playthrough videos, Tabs, backing tracks, a lengthy guitar lesson how to play Ginger Fox. Special price for the download until sunday 17th of May!
Anyways hope you find interest in this. These are fun tunes to play. A lot of vivid guitar ideas on both of these. This material will keep you busy for a little while. Just be careful with those laser eyes and triple tail with blades!

Ginger Fox - Full playthrough - Mika Tyyskä Mr. Fastfinger