Stéphan Forté: SOLO Game / Solo #7

Hello, Shredders! I hope you've had a great week! :)
Already week 7!
By the way, I totally forgot,n but if you didn't subscribe yet, it would be so cool if you could, it's really motivating to keep doing some videos for you :) Thanks so much in advance!
This week's solo is pretty easy to guess. It is so cool to work on those solos again, it's been such a while! :) As you can see, since almost 100% of you replied to also prefer the raw sound of the camera, I decided to go this way, so what you hear is...well, what's been played in my home studio at that very moment haha :)
As usual, first one to find the name of the song AND the name of the album wins a 15 minutes Skype mini-lesson this week, and we'll try to solve some of your guitar issues ;)
So far, all the winners were so cool!! Thanks to all of you guys for participating from all over the world, Argentina, USA, Colombia, Chile, Japan, France, UK... We've had such a great time, and I hope I managed to help them :)
So ready for this week? GO GO GO !!!! :)

The Stéphan's SOLO Game / Solo #7