Nick Andrew: Nickjitsu - Hyperreal new album incoming

From the album 'Hyperreal' by Nickjitsu.

This started life as a request from my good friend and drummer extraordinaire, Richard 'Doc Spoons' Spooner. He was performing a series of masterclasses and wanted a heavy metal track to play over to show of his versatility. I wrote the track that night.
I revisited it years later and gave it a Japanese makeover using the Hirajoshi and Insen scales. I'm also playing closer to the bridge to get a Koto sound.

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Nickjitsu 60 second noodles-Nickjitsu vs Godzilla

Nickjitsu 60 second noodles-One Night

by Nickjitsu

1.Trigger Point 06:30
2.Witch Hunt 05:47
3. 25 04:09
4.The Birth of Time 05:49
5.Po Face 03:37
6.Nickjitsu vs Godzilla 08:49
7.One Night 05:05
8.Stratistition 03:56
9.The Uncommon Chord 02:18
10.Dick's Dream of Electric Sheep 09:25
11.Uisge Tatha 06:32
12.Mad Studio Twister 05:17
Hyperreal is an exploration of the guitar in the 21st century.
Nickjitsu's debut album has influences as diverse as Return to Forever to Beethoven, by way of Dream Theatre, Jeff Beck, Allan Holdsworth, Weather Report and 8-bit video games.
The idea was to see what one musician could do with one guitar and a laptop. This is guitar as you've never heard it before! Every instrument (apart from bass) was played on guitar including, violins, drums, Highland bagpipes and seashores.
Nickjitsu uses the latest midi guitar technology to achieve this. The result is a mixture of straight guitar tunes and modern rock/fusion tone poems that marry melodic noodley guitar with a wide palette of compositional colours. This collection of music is also audio proof that Nickjitsu is mad as a biscuit!
released June 26, 2020


Richard 'Dicky' Kirchner for lending me his lovely Status bass
Recorded at Robertson Music
Thanks to Mark, Eddie and Brian at Robertson Music