Roy Marchbank: Eight different shredding solos.

This is the fourth instrumental video of the series of “Rock ’n' Roll Goodies”. This time we had even more solo guitar players and also two drum solos.

The idea was the same as before - audio recording and video shooting your own part of the song at the same time as playing it.

Everybody was doing this at their own places with the available equipment. This was good fun once again.

Hope you enjoy it!
Cheers, Jupe

Rhythm section:
Guitar right: Jukka “Jupe Jalas” Turunen
Guitar left: Toni “Tony Riveryman” Jokinen
Drums: Ville Karhu
Bass: Ari Katajamäki

1st, Juha Mäenpää 0:34

2nd, Jukka Turunen 01:23

3rd, Janne Karhunen 02:04

4th, Ville Karhu 03.05

5th, Toni Jokinen 03:48

6th, Roy Marchbank 04:16

7th, Jimmy Konsta 04.50

8th, Ville “Welho” Siuruainen 05:32

The both drummers are using Balbex drumsticks:

Eight different shredding solos. Feat - Roy Marchbank.