Vinícius Ferrari: Sound Melody

Hey guys !! OK!!? I am very happy to be able to show everyone my works once and for all, some songs are very old, from 2007 in fact, so I consider this EP the delivery of this cycle of adolescent creativity. I still have old songs to be released, but they will have a lot of changes so as these are more original, they are the face of the teenage Vinícius Ferrari kk (in composition, mainly of the riffs and metrics). I hope you enjoy this clip, and the songs from the EP that are available on several streaming platforms like Spotify, Deezer and many others. I am very grateful to my friend Gui Krug of GK Studio who produced this clip and all the media part of the release. Gui, you are incredible. I thank the brands that support me and believe in this dream, giving me the opportunity to continue in music with the best support in every way. Guitars: SGT Guitars Multieffect: Zoom / Royal Música Specialized store: Brechó Music Subscribe to the channel, leave your like, share, comment, leave your doubts and get to know my social networks: Facebook:

Vinícius Ferrari - Sound Melody - OFICIAL VIDEOCLIPE