Roberto Granados, Morgan Thomaso, Gabe Pietrzak, Icaro Paiva: "Visionary " - The Halcyon Effect - incoming

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Written, performed, mixed, and mastered by Roberto Granados/The Halcyon Effect

Visionary by The Halcyon Effect

1.Dawnburst 01:23
2.Skyflower 03:39
3.Visionary (ft. Morgan Thomaso) 04:15
4.Retrospect (ft. Icaro Paiva) 04:39
5.Transcendence (ft. Gabe Pietrzak) 04:44
6.Eventide (ft. Charlie Newbury) 05:39
Special thanks to all the people who have given me inspiration and support along the way for what I do, either directly or indirectly but all important to me nonetheless - to name a few: Gabe and Morgan of Visenya, Icaro Paiva of Waves, Charlie Newbury, Sohail Nawaz Khan, Kyle Schaefer of Archaeologist, Shane Escoppo, Joseph White, Kevin Labranche of Soliloquy, Nick Acker of Kaguu, Ryan Cho, my girlfriend Sarah, and my family. You have all made this possible in some way or another and I’m grateful!
released July 14, 2018

All music written, recorded, and produced by Roberto Granados

Artwork design and layout by Sohail Nawaz Khan

Additional guest solos by:
Morgan Thomaso of Visenya (track 3, “Visionary”)
Icaro Paiva of Waves (track 4, “Retrospect”)
Gabe Pietrzak of Visenya (track 5, “Transcendence”)
Charlie Newbury (track 6, “Eventide”)
all rights reserved

"Retrospect" - The Halcyon Effect (ft. Icaro Paiva)

Visionary 2.0 (ft. Morgan Thomaso) - The Halcyon Effect