Monday, 1 July 2013

Bruce Bouillet: The Order of Control mixing sessions with James Lugo Bruce Bouillet guitarist from the bands Racer X, Paul Gilbert, The Scream, Epidemic, Asia fjp, DC-10, The Bottom Dwellerz Producer, Engineer, Mixer of the 2005 Grammy winning track for Motorhead. G3 2007 tour alumni. This is his third and heaviest solo instrumental album. With Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper, Orianthi) on drums, and Dave Foreman (Dj Quick, Tupac, Rihanna) on bass. This album delivers from top to bottom with drums and bass giving it as hard as the guitar!!!!!! If you are a fan of heavy guitar from Randy Rhoads, to Shawn Lane, this album has it!

Bruce Bouillet: The Order of Control

Physical CD coming soon!

1. Blind as We Watched 5:13
2. Deafening 6:11
3. Seeing Through 3:38
4. Giving Up the Ghost 3:34
5. A Grand Reversal 2:06
6. Defiant 8:04
7. A One Minute Warning 1:03
8. The Order of Control 5:05
9. Crowd Control 1:17
10. The Manipulators 6:06
11. Breaking the Barrier1:05
12. Akiko 7:38

Bruce Bouillet: The Order of Control mixing sessions
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