Kosta Vreto: string on skins

The new CD is also available from guitar9. Guitar9 says:
Kosta Vreto is a guitar hero from Thessaloniki, Hellas. Skin On Strings is his metal/shred emotional instrumental masterpiece! A debut album packed with special guests, such as Greek shredder Theodore Ziras, as well as guitarists Ioannis Anastasakis and Alex Flouros. Bumblefoot (Ron Thal) had this to say, "A great player with all the right ingredients - tone, phrasing, melody, technique. A talented well-rounded player." Rob Marcello (Danger Danger) adds, "This is one of the craziest things I've seen in my life. Amazing player, one of the best I know."

05:06 Desert Tears
05:19 A Place To Call Home
06:56 Never Again
04:02 Namarie
04:18 A New Tomrowor
05:26 Love For Sale
01:26 Sunday Morning
05:22 Heartbreak Highway
03:51 As Time Passes By
01:25 Last Words
05:38 Skin On Strings
01:11 The Way She Moves