News: why girls don't play guitar

I know there are some great female guitar players out there... like Jennifer Batten, Lori Linstruth, Catherine Delgadillo, Nili Brosh, Carina Alfie, Nori Bucci and if I missed any that fit on Truth In Shredding let me know... Chelsea Constable springs to mind... However the vast majority of players out there on the web are men. The BBC posted an article to debate the subject entitled appropriately enough why girls don't play guitar

This is there figures for musical instrument takeup.

electric guitar 81%
bass guitar 81%
tuba 77%
kit drums 75%
trombone 71%

harp 90%
flute 89%
voice 80%
fife/piccolo 79%
oboe 78%

According to the post, Victoria Rowe, who has completed a PhD on gender in music, says children don't develop a firm idea about "male" and "female" instruments until about six years old. So it appears the electric guitar is a male instrument... read the full article

Whether you agree with the conclusions or not, it's certainly difficult to find dedicated female shredders /fusion players to post on the blog... If you think you know of any just post the info on the blogs online news submission form

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