Kaki King: new cd announced

new record and shows!
Hi friends!

I know I've been out of touch for a while. I've been working diligently, I promise. Without giving it much of a to-do, I'm happy to announce that I'm almost done recording my fifth album. I worked again with Dreaming of Revenge producer, Malcolm Burn, at his lovely studio up in Kingston, NY. We've got another week of tracking ahead of us and then we'll be ready to release in the new year. YAY!

Instrumental (pun intended) to the making of this record were the handsome and brave Dan Brantigan, whom you should all know by now, and the newest addition to the family, on the drums (and symbols) [oh I'm horrid tonight], Mr. Jordan Perlson. I don't know much about Jordan other than he knows the difference between a good taqueria and a damn good taqueria, but we are looking forward to having a more profound relationship than that. I imagine we'll be having deep conversations about hypothetically breeding a cat and dog together and whether you'd name it a dat or a cog. Or a fekaline. Gross. I digress!

I would like to extend to all of you a big invitation to our show on December 12 (12/12!) at the Music Hall of Williamsburg in Brooklyn, NY. We haven't played in New York since this summer. Show starts at 9 and we are extremely excited to have Rose Parade as support for us. This will be your one and only opportunity to hear us play a ton of new material while we're still underehearsed (that can't be a real word) and don't know how to play anything properly yet.

After the Holidays we are headed back down under to OZ. Extremely excited to get a tan in January. Check the dates!

Tonight my family and I decided to put together a 1000 piece puzzle of Van Gogh's Room at Arles. We all requested music to puzzle by and my dad put on, what else, Erasure. When I told my mom she was married to a gay man she absentmindedly squeaked, "ooh I love Neil Gaiman." Then my dog ate one of the puzzle pieces. Pretty average night around here.

love, kk