Khoirus Sobri: Shred This

A jam over the first competition backing track.

My new video at last ! But First, Im sorry about my messy room, messy hair, messy playing : ) I'm was really not in the mood, and im not making an excuse. its midnight, minimum equipment, and im nervous hehe. Ok, my gear, i'm using JS100 which i modded here and there (great guitar if you know how to mod it) air norton in the neck (Great!) and tone zone in the bridge with gotoh floyd rose. all go thru my POD XT live. Then go direct with POD XT live's USB connection, sound pretty decent IMO. Again, sorry for may sloppy playing. Peace!

Shred This Jam by Tom Quayle

Plus a good cover of fives.

Fives Cover By Guthrie Govan


  1. khoirus sobri25/12/2009, 11:57

    hey man, wassup? i'll give you my name yeah? its khoirus sobri, nick name obi. thanks a lot!


  2. hey man, wassup? i'll give you my name yeah? it's khoirus sobri, nickname obi. thank you


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