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Welcome to “Red Dawg Guitar News”
We started Red Dog Guitar News because when I was first starting out learning to play guitar, it was hard to find a site on the internet that contained a variety of information all in one place, most sites were focused on specific parts of a community.
We hope that you will enjoy what we have to offer. Please come back on a regular basis to check us out, we post new information continuously throughout the month,
Our goal is to create a community that will focus on Guitar Players of all levels from Beginner to Advanced.
We currently are working on a series of articles that we hope you will enjoy.
Future Articles:
Guitar Stand Showdown – January 2010
Guitar Cable Showdown – March 2010
If you like what we have to offer please share us with your friends.
Thank you,
The Red Dawg Guitar News Staff


  1. Thank you for letting your readers know about us. We appreciate it.


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