Yoger Mucci: The Guitangears - packed with top guitar players!

New Yoger Mucci's Album Featuring.Michael Angelo Batio, Joe Stump, David Shankle, Theodore Ziras, Marco Minnemann, Diego Crippa, Silvio Gazquez, Tom Quayle, Antoine Fafard, Alex Hernandez, Joop Wolters, Hittar Cuesta, Ivan Mihajevic, Yos Mucci, Josip Pesut, Carl Puga, Ricardo Walls, Angel Villanueva and Gustavo Bonfa.



Yoger Mucci´s The Guitangears - Triangulum (Chapter 1)
Triangulum Chapter 1 is the first solo Album by Yoger Mucci. featured by 15 tracks of original, experimental, progressive, fusion, metal, avant garde and instrumental music plus sci-fi SuperHeroes The Guitangears is Music a Yoger's project, inspired by comics. It contains Sci-Fi and futuristic adventure, Not limited music to one style plus Marvelous worldwide musicians collaborations.He uses differen styles — prog, metal, fusion, industrial, electronic, etc — Yoger just wanted to making the music he loves. This album became The Guitangears - Triangulum
The Guitangears is a team of Superguitar and Supermusicians heroes who joined to fight the threat "Legatus Electrum" who plans to conquer the universe using music as a weapon and probably the only hope to destroy him will be the mysterious Voynich's manuscript and bring peace to the universe.

Yoger Mucci's The Guitangears Promo Feat.Michael Angelo Batio,Joe Stump,David Shankle and Much