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Jammmz is the coolest online guitar platform I've ever come across. It's a bit like facebook meets the gaming atmosphere of guitar hero, but all with real, quality guitar instruction! A player takes "challenges" (which are video performances teaching various songs or solos) and uploads his (or her) recorded "solutions". Other players then vote on how well they accomplished the "solution" and can make comments. The higher one's solutions are rated, the more Jammmz points that player earns and the more "weight" he/she has when rating others.

It's a fun community-type atmosphere, with players helping other players; and that keeps people inspired and progressing. Setting up a profile at Jammmz is free, and many of the challenge packages are free as well. This has just come out of beta testing, so it's BRAND NEW. Take a quick tour at the link below:
I'm currently working on permissions from Hal Leonard to do video lesson packages on Jammmz for the songs and solos of Metal Rhythm Guitar 1 and 2, as well as Metal Lead Guitar 1 and 2. More to come....

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