Akira Wada: Prism - Mode CD/DVD (Import)

Akira Wada: Prism - Mode CD/DVD 
Prism/Akira Wada: Mode CD/DVD (Import)
Akira Wada (Guitars); Jiro Okada (Bass);Mansaku Kimura (Drums & Percussions); Cher Watanabe (Synthesizer,Piano & Organ)

Brand New Release from Supergroup from Japan. The double Release features 1 CD and 1 DVD.

Track 1 Seven Wonders
Track 2 Sacred Eleven
Track 3 Algorithm
Track 4 Pure Legacy
Track 5 Dear Old
Track 6 Dai-Sa-Ku-Sen
Track 7 Sand Of Silence
Track 8 Always Together
Track 9 Final Approach