Marshall Harrison: SWYBRYD Picking the 80s

SWYBRYD Picking the 80s - Marshall Harrison
Marshall Harrison - Guitarist

Sorry about the mealy-mouthed definition of Swybryd Picking at the beginning of the video, I should've just said that Swybryd Picking is simply economy picking with fingers AND pick rather than pick by itself.

When I spoke of the ease of upstroke + hybrid pick combinations. I meant to also add that (upstroke + hybrid (either m,r, or p)) is analogous to sweeping across multiple strings with a single pickstroke ie they're both instances where you get two or more notes for a single picking motion. One can also pick thusly: downtroke followed by hybrid-pick (either m, r, or p) but it is slightly less natural than upstroke followed by hybrid-pick for me for whatever reason.

I really don't enjoy focusing so intensely on the technical mechanics of music-making but it really makes guitar playing effortlessly enjoyable in the long run. All that's required is mastering a few technical ideas. Upon completion of this lesson , the perceptive student will also recognize how important "banjo rolls" are to Swybryd picking. In short, The goal here is to make "scary" virtuoso guitar playing relatively easy.

SWYBRYD Picking the 80s - Marshall Harrison