Jimmy Earl,Mike Miller,Scott Kinsey: Jimmy Earl: Renewing Disguises

Jimmy Earl: Renewing Disguises

Jimmy Earl (Bass); Tim Haggins (Trumpet), Gary Novak (Drums), Steve Tavaglione (EWI), Scott Kinsey (Keys), Lenny Castro (Drums), Mike Miller (Guitar), Rick Baptist (Trumpet)

"Renewing Disguises", the new release by world renowned bassist Jimmy Earl, continues where his 1997 release "Stratosphere" left off by combining performances by live musicians with electronic music. Jimmy Earl, ranked #22 on the Digital Dream Door list of greatest fusion bassists in the world, has performed and recorded with an impressive list of musicians including The Crusaders, Stanley Clarke, Chick Corea and Robben Ford to name a few. He performs nightly on Jimmy Kimmel Live! as a member of Cleto and the Cletones. Renewing Disguises features Tim Higgins, Gary Novak, Steve Tavaglione, Scott Kinsey, Lenny Castro, MB Gordy, Mike Miller, Jaliba Kuyateh and Rick Baptist. Packaged in Digi-pak format.

Track 1 Africano Cento Cinquanta
Track 2 Old Jazz
Track 3 Night
Track 4 Cavatina
Track 5 Gone
Track 6 Ambient
Track 7 Renewing Disguises
Track 8 Weather Reporting
Track 9 Mr.Thumpy
Track 10 Africano Cento