Morten Faerestrand: Easy Fusion backing track series

This backing track pack contains eight mp3 backing tracks.

Each track is around 3 minutes long, and has a natural dynamic progression that will inspire you, and help you sound like you’re performing a piece of music, rather than practicing scales on a flat never-ending bed of chord changes.Tracks Info

1. Bluesy Latin
This track has a medium tempo latin groove, with kind of bluesy chord changes. D minor and D blues pentatonics will work great on the entire track, and if you’re ready for it, you can also experiment using an A altered scale for the A7alt chords.

2. Good Morning Twilight
This one is also latin inspired. The track is built on a 4 chord vamp that modulates up a half step 5 times (!!) It sounds crazy, but it’s actually quite easy to hang on, and it’s VERY fun to play on this track!

3. Lazy Stacey
Cool and lazy groove, keys go back and forth between G Mixolydian and B Mixolydian.

4. Metheny Changes
This track has that trademark harmonic concept of the early works of Pat Metheny, going back and forth from major to minor tonalities.

5. Mr 335
Homage to Larry Carlton. This track is heavily inspired by the chords from Room 335, but it’s simplified some.

6. Next Train
Another homage to Pat Metheny. This track has the GROOVE fromLast Train Home, but completely different chords.

7. Retro Reggae
Sort of the style of early Jeff Beck/Jan Hammer. Keys go back and forth between D minor and F minor.

8. Scandinavian Jazz Waltz
This one has quite a few chords that you can relate to, but basic keys are simply A minor and C minor.