Al Joseph: Struggle Vs. Ease - - How To Approach Techniques and Other Advanced Concepts

Today I want to provoke an unorthodox or contradictory point of view on how to tackle your most sought after milestones within your playing. That is to say I think all things in life can be done easily and are only truly EXECUTED to its fullest extent, with ease.

It's all just a matter of time till we get to that point, yes. However, it is only at that point which we also allow our selves the green light to move on to other goals as well, no? Then the cycle continues. Could it just be that we need to become convinced that we can play that tricky line? Or does it really take 1000 hours to learn how to play "Cliffs

In other words in only to play something "perfectly" it has to be played effortlessly. Just think about all your favorite players. Do they really look like they struggle when they play? Or is that painful look on their face more EXPRESSION than pain?

In this video I share a few of my own recent milestones and what I do to overcome them if I haven't already.

Keep in mind that all this is just a theory to me and that I consider none of this law for 'you'. But for me this is how I choose to live my life!

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Struggle Vs. Ease Part I - How To Approach Techniques and Other Advanced Concepts

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