Marco Sfogli: 20 Album Phrases!

Learn 20 of Marco Sfogli's Favourite Album Phrases

You asked for it, so Marco delivered! Learn 20 of Marco Sfogli's favourite key phrases spanning the albums that have been graced with his incredible guitar playing. Close up videos, full TAB, phrases backings and text notes to help you learn to play like the master himself! Marco spent a long time putting this together and even recorded new versions of these backing tracks just for you to work with!

In these phrases you will find a whole host of incredible musical ideas and impressive techniques. You'll find legato, tapping, sweep picking, alternate picking, string skipping, quick position shifts, multiple octave runs, odd time meters, pentatonics, non-diatonic playing, chromatics, crazy arpeggios, plenty of shred and some epically beautiful soloing!

Marco is a true master of the instrument, both creatively and technically and by learning his 20 favourite album phrases with these videos and TAB you can get one step closer to achieving his impressive level of mastery.

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Marco Sfogli's 20 Album Phrases!